Milk Tank Ice Banks

ice builders / ice banks
Milk tank Ice builders provide the dairy farmer with an economical method of milk cooling due to their unrivalled energy efficiency, practicality and reliability.
  • Utilize cheap off peak electricity
  • Cooling times slashed
  • Retrofit to existing installation

The milk coming from the receiver group passes through a double stage plate cooler which uses bore hole or mains water in the first stage. The second stage will use ice water generated by an ice builder. This will have the effect of dropping the milk temperature almost instantly before it reaches the tank. The ice generated by the milk tank ice bank will be to a large extent produced during the night utilizing off peak tariff electricity.

Heat generated by the condenser unit will be used in the production of hot water by the heat recovery unit,saving further costs.

  • Milk tank ice builder repair
Daw Refrigeration also repair milk tank ice banks either on site if possible, or by our qualifed engineers at our location.