DeLaval Footbath AFB 1000

Delaval Foot Bath

Footbath automation — keeping your herd in motion

The new DeLaval Footbath AFB 1000 is a fully automated footbath for keeping your herds hooves in good health.
The new design features fully automated and programmable filling, dosing, and emptying.
The footbath is constructed using heavy duty stainless steel sheet, machine welded for strength and durability.
The footbath is filled and washed with and even spread of high pressure water, and emptied via a gate using compressed air powered rams. This means there are no electrics located on the actual footbath.

Footbaths are essential for maintaining good hoof health in your heard. With the DeLaval AFB 1000 this is a fully automated process saving you time and money. The footbath fills, doses and washes itself at the desired times every day or can be programmed to start at the touch of the button every milking.
This overcomes the risk of poorly maintained footbaths spreading disease from cow to cow – and as you know, reducing the incidence of lameness will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Delaval Foothbath

  • New design for effective cleaning
  • Fast draining
  • Flexible system programming
  • Reduced water consumption
  • New design for better cow flow and safety

Effective and efficient

The flexibility in programming the system controller allows you to customize this automated footbath to fit your operation’s schedules. You can use one or two footbaths simultaneously, to maximize system cleaning and filling. This also gives you the flexibility to use rotational hoof treatment routines.