Dx Tanks

Daw Refrigeration install a wide range of Serap made milk tanks.
Dx milk tanks
We can supply and install Dx tanks from start to finish including all electrical and plumbing work.
Dx Milks Tanks

Silo Tanks

For extra large storage of milk from 10,000 to 40,000 litres, an outdoor silo milk tank could be what you need. Click more info for full specs on our outdoor silo milk tanks.
silo milk tanks
Silo Milk Tanks

Second Hand Milk Tanks

Daw Refrigeration can offer a wide range of second hand bulk milk tanks, from conventional dx to ice bank tanks. These milk tanks come in a range of makes and sizes.
second hand milk tanks
Second Hand Milk Tanks

Electrical Installation

Our fully qualified refrigeration engineers can install from start to finish including all electrical work. We specialize in commercial / agricultural electrical installation and repair.
Electrical Installations

Heat Recovery

With today's energy prices you cant afford to waste electric. Cooling milk requires a lot of energy, most of this energy is wasted. Use this wasted energy to heat your hot water.
heat recovery
Heat Recovery

Ice Banks

Using an ice builder is another way of making use of off peak low energy prices dramatically slashing your energy prices. Build ice at off peak times and use it to pre-cool you milk.
ice banks
Ice Banks

DeLaval Cow Brush

Check out our new range of agricultural supplies. The DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB is designed to improve cow health, comfort and welfare
DeLaval Cow Brush
Delaval Cow Brush

DeLaval Footbath

The DeLaval Footbath AFB1000 has been designed to deliver cost affective automation to your footbath routine, keeping your herds hooves healthy.
DeLaval Footbath
Delaval Footbath

Water Heaters

Daw Refrigeration offer a wide range of hot water heaters. Coupled with a Serap heat exchanger you can make sure you are efficiently heating water.
water heaters
Water Heaters

Service Contracts

Daw Refrigeration offers tailored service and maintenance contracts to suit your needs.
service contracts
Regular servicing helps keep your equipment running 100% minimizing down time.
Milke Tanks Service Contacts